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коли хочемо щось додати

Adding more points

Added to; Additionally; Along with; Alongside; Alongside with; Also; Among many other / many others; Among other / others; And; Apart from (this, that); As well as; Aside from; Beside this, that; Besides (this, that); Beyond this, that; Both … and; By the way; Either; Further; Furthermore; I would (also) like to add that; In addition (to this, to that); In the same way; More than that; More to that; Moreover; Not counting; Not only … but (also); Not to mention (that); Not to mention the fact that; On top of everything (else); On top of it (all); On top of this / that; One could also say that; Other than; Over and above; Plus; Together with; Too; What is more.




Absolutely: Certainly; Definitely; Exactly; Fair enough; I (really) think so; I absolutely agree (that, with); I agree (about, on, that, upon, with); I agree completely (that, with); I agree in principle with you that; I agree to a great / large / certain / some extent; I agree wholeheartedly (that, with); I agree with you entirely; I am at one with; I am inclined to agree (that, with); I approve of; I came to the same conclusion; I completely agree (that, with); I couldn’t agree more; I entirely agree (that, with); I fully agree (that, with); I guess so; I have come to the same conclusion; I have no objection; I heartily agree (that, with); I hold the same opinion; I know what you mean; I quite agree (that, with); I share your opinion on / that; I share your view on / that; I strongly agree (that, with); I support the view that; I suppose so; I think so; I think so too; I totally agree (that, with); I very much agree that / with; I wholeheartedly agree (that, with); I would go along with that / with that point of view / with you on that; It is true (that); Just so; Of course; Precisely; Quite so; Right; So am I; So do I; Sure; Sure enough; Sure thing; Surely; That is right; That’s a great idea; That’s just it; That’s just what I was thinking; That’s true; This is / That’s a good point; We are of one mind on; We are of the same mind on; Yeah; Yes; Yes, I agree; Yes, of course; You are (absolutely, quite) right.


запитуємо про думку інших

Asking for opinion

Do / don’t you agree that?: Do / don’t you think that?: How do you feel about?: What do you think about / of?: What is your opinion about / on?: Would / Wouldn’t you agree that?


запевнюємо та переконуємо

Assuring and persuading

I am absolutely convinced (that): I am certain (that); I am convinced (that); I am sure (that); I am sure you will agree that; I bet (that); I can assure you (that); I can safely say that; I can say with certainty that; I can say with certitude that; I can say with confi dence (that); I can say without hesitation (that); I feel very strongly that; I have no doubt (that); I have no doubt at all (that); I strongly believe that; It is my (fi rm) belief that; My belief is that; My conviction is (that); There are no two minds about it; There is no doubt in my mind (that).




By the way; I mean (that); In other words; Let me explain; Namely; Said another way; Specifically; That is; That is to say; To put it another way; To put it diff erently; What I am trying to say is that.




A lot more … than: As compared to / with; As many as; As many … as; As much as; As much … as; As … as; Be more of … than; Better than; Better … than; By comparison with; Compared to / with; Far less … than; Far more … than; Fewer than; Fewer … than; For comparison with; Half as … as; In comparison to / with; Less than; Less … than; More than; More … than; Much less than; Much less … than; Much more than; Much more … than; Much … than; Nothing like; So … as; So … that; Such (a / an) … as; Such … that; Than; The best; The most; The same as; The same … as; Twice as … as; Two / Three times bigger than; Worse than; Worse … than.




After all: After all being / is said and done; All in all; All things considered; Altogether; As (it) was previously stated; As a whole; As I have noted / said; As I previously outlined; Conclusively; Eventually; Finally; For the above mentioned reasons; For the reasons above; In all; In conclusion; In sum; In summary; Last; Last but not least; Last of all; Lastly; On a fi nal note; On balance; On the whole; Overall; Summarizing; Summing up; Taking everything into account; Taking everything into consideration; That being done; That being said; To cap it all; To conclude; To sum up; To wrap up; With it all being said and done.



Contrast and concession

Although; And still; And yet; As opposed to; As … as sb is; At the same time; But; By / In contrast; By / In contrast to; By / In contrast with; Contrary to; Contrary to common sense; Contrary to popular belief; Contrast with; Conversely; Despite (the fact that); Diff er from; Even as; Even if; Even so; Even though; However; In spite of (of the fact that); Instead; Instead (of ); Irrespective of (of the fact that); Nevertheless; No matter how; No matter what; Nonetheless; Notwithstanding; On the contrary; On the one hand; On the other hand; Rather than; Regardless (of, of the fact that); Still; Though; Unlike; Whatever; Whereas; While; Yet.



Developing arguments

Another factor to be considered is; Another reason for this / that is; I take your point, but / however; It is certainly reasonable, but; Opponents argue / believe / claim / declare that; Research shows that; The evidence shows that; The most important aspect / thing is that; Well, you see; While it is true to say that.



Emphasizing a point

Accordingly; Actually; Admittedly; After all; Again; Anyway; Apparently; As a matter of fact; As well; As you can see; Assuredly; Basically; Besides; Between us; Beyond (any) doubt; Beyond question; Beyond shadow of doubt; By far; Clearly; Correspondingly; Critically important; Crucially; Defi nitely; Doubtlessly; Equally important; Especially; Essentially; Evidently; Far and away; For the most part; Frankly speaking; Honestly; Honestly speaking; Importantly; In fact; In large part; In particular; Indeed; Indisputably; Inevitably; It goes without saying (that); It is interesting to note that; It is noteworthy that; It is worthy to note (that); It stands to reason (that); Largely; Let alone; Mainly; More / Most importantly; Most notably; Mostly; Namely; Naturally; Necessarily; Needless to say; No doubt; No ifs ands or buts; No question; No question
about it, this that; No two ways about it; Nobody denies (that); Not only this … but also; Notably; Nothing else but; Noticeably; Obviously; Of course; Ostensibly; Particularly; Perhaps; Probably; Respectively; Seemingly; Specifi cally; Surely; There is no doubt (it / that); There is
no doubt about that; To a great / a large extent; To be honest; To be sure; To tell you the truth; Truth be told; Undeniably; Undoubtedly; Unquestionably; Visibly; What is more; With certainty; Without (a) doubt; Without fail; You can see for yourself (that).


означаємо наслідки

Expressing consequence, effect, and result

Accordingly; And so; As a consequence (of ); As a result (of ); As might be expected; Be an outcome of; Consequently; For this / that reason; Hence; In that case; On account of this; Result in; So; So … that; Subsequently; Such (a) … that; The consequence of … is; The result of … is; The upshot of … is; Then; Thereafter; Therefore; Thus.


виражаємо свої відчуття

Expressing attitudes and beliefs

As for me; For me; I (entirely / wholly) disapprove of; I (strongly) approve of; I (strongly) oppose; I adore; I advocate; I am (quite) fond of; I am a dyed-in-the-wool; I am a fi erce opponent of; I am a fi rm / great / passionate etc believer in; I am a great fan of; I am a staunch; I am a supporter of; I am afraid (that); I am against; I am committed to; I am convinced that; I am dying for; I am for; I am in favour of; I am interested in; I am keen for / on / that / to; I am not fussy about; I am opposed to; I am passionate about; I am prepared to accept that;
I am suspicious of; I am under the impression that; I am / feel enthusiastic about; I am / feel optimistic about; I am / feel pessimistic about; I am / feel realistic about; I approve; I back; I believe; I can’t make up my mind; I can’t stand; I care about; I concede (that); I consider (that);
I despair (of ); I despise; I detest; I dismiss; I don’t care (about); I don’t mind; I don’t believe in; I dread to think (that); I enjoy; I expect (that); I feel that; I fi nd (that); I fi nd it off ensive that; I happen to believe that; I hate; I have a diff erent point of view about; I have never understood;
I have nothing against; I hope (that); I insist on; I like; I loathe; I love; I must admit (that); I perceive; I presume; I rank; I rate; I reckon (that); I refuse to accept; I reject; I resent; I respect; I share the point / the viewpoint that; I strongly negate; I support; I suspect that; I take a keen interest in; I trust; I trust that; I welcome; I would (really) like to; I would (really) love to; I would rather; I wouldn’t have thought; If you ask me; It seems to me (that); Look forward to; My attitude to / toward; My feeling on that is; My own feeling is that; My reaction to; My strong inclination is; See eye to eye with sb (on); Sth appeals to me; Sth does not appeal to me; That’s the way I look at.


означаємо причину

Expressing cause / reason

Acknowledging; Another reason; Another reason for … is; Arise from / out of; As; As long as; Attributed to; Be caused by sth; Be the cause of sth; Because (of ); Because of this / that; Boil down to (the same thing); Bring about; Cause; Considering; Due to (this, that); Due to the fact that; For; Generate; Give rise to; In view of; Lead to; Now that; Now when; On account of (this, that); On that score; On the grounds that; One more reason; One more reason for … is; Owing to (this, that); Owing to the fact that; Provoke; Result from; Seeing that; Since; Spark off; Stem from; Taking … into account; Thanks to; The cause of; The cause of … is; The reason; The reason for; The reason for … is; The reason why; The reason why … is.



Doubt and uncertainty

I am not (really) sure about; I am not certain; I can’t make up my mind; I can’t tell you for sure; I doubt; I doubt it; I have doubts about; I have my own doubts; I wouldn’t like to say for certain; It is doubtful; It is highly / very unlikely; It is yet to be seen; It remains to be seen; No one can know for certain; You never can tell; You never know for sure.


виражаємо схожість


Alike; Analogously; As similar as; As … as; Be alike; Be like; Both … and; By the same token; Equally; In a similar way; In like manner; In the same manner; In the same way; Just as; Just like; Like; Likewise; Look alike; Similar (to / in); Similarly; The same as.


означаємо частоту


Always; Annually; As a rule; As often as; As usual; At times; Biweekly, bimonthly etc; Consistently; Constantly; Continually; Continuously; Daily; Daylong; Ever; Every day, etc; Every now and again; Every now and then; Every once in a while; Frequently; From time to time;
Hardly ever; Hourly; Monthly; Never; Not always; Not often; Now and then; Occasio nally; Often; Oftentimes; On daily basis; On regular basis; Once a fortnight; Once a …; Once in a while; Periodically; Permanently; Quarterly; Rarely; Regularly; Repeatedly; Scarcely ever; Seasonally; Seldom; Sometimes; Temporarily; Three times a …; Twice a …; Usually; Weeklong; Weekly; Yearlong; Yearly.



Giving advice

Have you thought about?; I think you should; If I were you, I would; Make sure (that) you; The best solution would be; The best thing is to; What you need is; What you ought to do is; You ought to; You should; You’d better.


пропонуємо вибір

Giving an alternative

Alternatively; Either … or; On the other hand; Or.


наводимо приклади

Giving examples

Another example of this is; As; As an example; As an illustration; Especially; For example; For instance; In particular; Like; One example of this is; Particularly; Specifi cally; Such as; To give you an example.


висловлюємо власну думку

Giving personal opinion

As far as I am concerned; As far as I can gather; As far as I can tell; As far as I know; As far as I see it; As for me; As I see it; For me; For my part; From my point of view; From my understanding; From what I can gather; From what I understand; I am inclined to believe (that); I am of the opinion (that); I am under the impression that; I assume (that); I believe (that); I can say (that); I can say from personal experience that; I consider (that); I dare say (that); I deem (that); I feel (that); I fi nd (that); I gather (that); I guess (that); I have the feeling (that); I hold the opinion that; I hold the view that; I maintain that; I mean (that); I personally think (that); I presume (that); I reckon (that); I regard; I suppose (that); I tend to think (that); I think (that); I will surmise that; I would like to claim that; I would like to emphasize (that); I would like to mention (that); I would like to notice that; I would like to point out that; I would like to say (that); I would like to state that; I would love to say (that); I would love to state that; I would say (that); If you ask me; In my (personal) opinion; In my experience; In my eyes; In my view; It appears to me (that); It is my impression (that); It seems to me (that); It strikes me that; My impression is (that); My opinion is (that); My own feeling is (that); My point of view is (that); My position is that; My stance is that; My view is (that); Personally speaking; Personally, I think (that); Speaking for myself; Speaking personally; The way I see it; To my mind; To my way of thinking; To the best of my knowledge;
What I mean is (that); What I would like to say is (that); What I would like to state is that.


перелічуємо переваги

Listing advantages

A further advantage of … is; Another advantage of … is; Another upper is that; On the plus side; On the upside; One advantage of; One other advantage of; The fi rst (second, third etc) advantage of … is; The greatest (main, major etc) advantage of; The upside of … is.


перелічуємо недоліки

Listing disadvantages

Another disadvantage of … is; Another disadvantage of … is; Another downer is that; On the downside; On the minus side; One disadvantage of … is; One other disadvantage of … is; The downside of … is; The drawback of … is; The fi rst disadvantage of … is; The greatest (main, major etc) disadvantage of … is.


перелічуємо пункти

Listing points

At first; At the beginning; First; First and foremost; First and most importantly; First of all; Firstly; For a start; For another thing; For one thing; In the fi rst place; Last; Last but not least; Lastly; Let me begin / start by; Next; Second; Secondly; Third; Thirdly; To begin with; To start with.


висловлюємо загальні твердження

Making general statements

All in all; As a (general) rule; By and large; Generally (speaking); In general; On the whole; Overall.


частково правильні твердження

Making partially correct statements

In a sense (that); In a way; To a certain degree; To a certain extent; To a limited extent; Up to a point.


частково погоджуємось

Partially agreeing

I agree with you on the whole, but; I can agree with you to a certain extent, but; I see what you mean, but; I see your point, but; It sounds (quite / very) convincing, but; That’s all very well, but; That’s an interesting; point (of view), but; That’s easier said than done; Well, you have a point there, but; Yes, but don’t forget that; Yes, but on the other hand; You may be right.


розставляємо пріоритети

Showing priority

Above all (else); Initially; One of the most important … is; Primarily; The first thing to do is; The most important … is.


означаємо ймовірність


As if; As though; It is likely that; It’s possible; Probable; Probably.  


апелюємо до зовнішніх джерел


According to; Concerning; In accordance with; In reference to; In regard to; In the words of; Regarding; With reference to; With regard to; With respect to.  


висловлюємо уподобання

Showing preferences

I (would) prefer that; I prefer; I prefer … to …; I would like to; I would love to; I would prefer; I would prefer to; I would prefer … to …; I would rather; I would rather … than; My preference is for / that / to.


окреслюємо мету

Showing purpose

For this purpose; In case; In doing so; In order not to; In order that; In order to; Lest; So as not to; So as to; So that; The whole idea of … is; The whole point of … is; To; To achieve this / that; To meet this target; To this / that eff ect; To this / that end; Toward this / that end; With a view to (doing) sth; With the intention of; With the purpose of; With this aim (in mind); With this aim / end / object etc in view; With this in view; With this purpose.


послуговуємося думками інших людей

Stating other people’s opinion

A lot of people believe (that); Contrary to popular belief; It is assumed that; It is considered that; It is generally accepted that; It is often alleged that; It is popularly believed that; It is said that; It is thought that; Many people argue that; Most people feel that; People often claim that; Some people argue that.


кількома словами


Concisely; In a few words; In a nutshell; In any case; In any event; In any rate; In brief; In short; Shortly; To cut a long story short; To put it briefly.


означаємо час


After (that); After the time; Afterwards; Ago; As; As for now; As of yet; As soon as; As soon as possible; At the beginning; At the moment; At the same time; At the time; At the very moment; At the very time (when); Before; Before long; Before that / then; By; By the time; During; Earlier on; Finally; Following this / that; For a long time; Forever; Formerly; Further (on); In a (short) while; In no time; In the meantime; In the meanwhile; Initially; Just as; Later (on); Long ago; Meantime; Meanwhile; Now; On that occasion; Once; Once upon a time; Over; Previously; Primarily; Prior to; Right afterwards; Simultaneously; Since; Since that time; Since then; Soon; Soon afterwards; Still; The minute; The moment; The time (that); Then; This / that far; Throughout; Till; Till then; Until; Until now; Until then; When; Whenever; While; Whilst; Within; Yet.


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